How we work

  • BondFind shops around for you, so you are assured of the best the market can offer providing you chose all the banks in the menu in the application form and providing you have not already applied directly or through another originator to one of the banks.
  • Your application is recognised by all 8 banks to which we refer bond business. When you fax us your application it becomes an email which goes directly into the banks you select and qualify for. This simultaneous submission works to your advantage because banks know they are competing for your business.
  • Please fax the documents listed in the check list to us on 011 326 3852. We forward these vital documents to the appropriate banks. This completes the input they need to make the lending decision.
  • The banks loan you the money and set the terms, not BondFind.
  • We get the best terms for you because of our relationship and high volumes of business we refer to the banks. This is how we get better rates than an individual going to their own bank.
  • We do not interfere with your choice of banks, but we recommend you select "All Banks". Shopping around is only completely successful if you know what ALL the banks are offering you.
  • The service is free. BondFind is paid a referral fee by the bank when a bond is registered.
  • You are under no obligation to accept the terms offered.
  • Under no circumstances should you allow an estate agent to get your bond. We are the experts in bonds.

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